Play of Game:

  • 7 v 7 ( Six and a goalie)
  • 4 players in attacking zone maximum from half field
  • 6'x 6' goals
  • Regulation 8' radius crease
  • Score and standings will be kept
  • Stick Checks at umpires discretion.
  • There will be no passing rules
  • Center draw will begin both halves, after that goalie clears only.
  • Boundary-Play ball off the parent side wall. Ball is out of bounds over the line on the team side of the court.
  • If a shooting net is utilized:
    o A ball that drops off of the shooting net and then backspins into the goal does not count as a goal.
    o Shots that bounce off the ground or clear the net in air count as a goal, including shots that go under the shooting net.
  • If there is no goalie, 1 defense player as designated by the official shall be allowed to go into the goal circle to collect the ball after it comes to rest in the goal circle. She must leave the goal circle with the ball in her stick within 10 seconds. The opposing team may not block her exit from the goal circle. The defense player shall not throw the ball out.
  • All USL rules will be used except for the exceptions listed above

U-15 and Below Modifications:

  • Modified checking rules- except for ¾ grades- no checking
  • If there is no goalie, deputy may only run the ball out of the goal circle.
  • No follow through into the goal circle.
  • All other USL youth rules will apply if applicable.

Minimum of 7 players, maximum of 22

Mercy Rule:
Upon a lead of 5 goals, the leading team is required to:

  • Have 3 COMPLETED passes after the mid line before they can shoot again. If the shot does not score, they must have 3 COMPLETED passes again before they can shoot.

The game clock starts at scheduled time. Teams must be ready to play on time. Late starts will still finish on time.

2-20 minute running-time halves.

2 minute halftime to change sides.

Rolling substitution.

No time outs in the game.

Penalty in the 8 m Area:

  • For minor fouls, all indirect free positions
  • For major fouls, direct shots are permitted except for 5/6 grade and below.


Teams will receive 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss. League champion will be determined by the team with the most points. Any tie breakers shall be determined in the following order:

  1. The winner of any head-to-head league play
  2. Least goals allowed
  3. Most goals scored

If games are cancelled due to weather related cancellations, Sportsplex will not make those games up. There are no refunds or credits.

Please read the SMG Waiver of Liability.

Please contact SMG SportsPlex at or 267-282-4088.