General Rules

  • Individuals utilizing this facility do so at their own risk. The property owner(s), league operators, officers and owners and staff of The Warminster Sportsplex assume no liability for any injuries or accidents, which may occur. Please refer to your Liability and Injury Waiver Release Forms.
  • Playing sports can be a hazardous activity and unfortunate things can happen. You are contractually agreeing that you have signed our liability release and that you are waiving your rights to file a lawsuit against us. You accept the conditions of the fields, courts, and other surfaces, and also any unforeseen situations that may occur. If you are uncomfortable with any of these conditions, you can choose not to play or participate in our leagues or other activities.
  • Conduct within the facility and on the field should be conducted in the spirit of good sportsmanship.
  • No food, drinks, chewing tobacco, chewing gum, metal cleats permitted on playing surface. No sunflower seeds or similar type products are permitted in the facility
  • No glass containers on the field or in the player boxes
  • The Warminster Sportsplex reserves the right to refuse play or service to anyone
  • New Winter Game Policy: No games will be made up due to snow cancellations. Teams will instead be given free entry into our spring tournament series or receive a $70 credit towards the next session (can not be combined with any other discount or carried over). Click Here and select tournaments for more information on the tournament format and dates.

Team Registration:
A non-refundable deposit is required to register a team. Those teams already participating in leagues receive priority over new teams when registering for the next session. However, teams playing in current sessions must register and submit a non-refundable deposit at least three weeks prior to the next session's starting date in order to guarantee themselves a spot in the next session.

Once the three-week deadline has passed, registration will be open to all teams that wish to play and the league will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. This policy only applies to teams that wish to continue playing in the same league. Any team not participating in a current league may be placed on a waiting list until 20 days before the next session when registration opens up to all teams that wish to play.

Full payment is required by the start of the first game of a session or the team will be assessed a $50 late fee. If full payment is not made by the start of the second game, the team will not be allowed to play any further games until balance is paid in full. All members of a team are jointly responsible for the full payment of the team fee, however, it is the team captain who is ultimately held responsible in the case of overdue, unpaid balances.

Team Managers:
Team managers are the representative for the team and are responsible for passing on any information that SMG SportsPlex needs to communicate to each team. The team manager is also responsible for seeing that all team fees are paid on time and ensuring that his or her team is aware of the rules of the game as well as SMG SportsPlex rules and policies.

Individuals that sign up will be placed in a SMG SportsPlex database where other teams may contact you to recruit you for their team. If you still are not on a team, the SMG SportsPlex will create a team from all the individuals in the database if enough players are available.

Player Rosters:
Online player rosters must be turned in prior to the first league game. Men's 7v7 Flag Football rosters will be limited to 18 players. Two guest players are allowed during the regular season but NOT during playoffs. Changes will be permitted prior to the third game. Failure to comply will result in forfeiture of all games played with illegal player(s). Players may only be added later if a player is injured and removed from the roster for the remainder of the session. Proof of injury must be provided. Acceptable proof shall be a doctor's note. At the discretion of management, a team may claim hardship and add one player after the third game for a fee of $25.

ID Cards:
Each player must have a Warminster SportsPlex ID Card in order to play. ID Cards can be obtained at the front desk for $5.00. Referees will collect the ID Cards at the beginning of each game and hand them back to the team at the end of each game. If a player receives a red card during or after a game, that player's ID Card will be confiscated and held in the front office until the player has served their suspension time. The card will then be given back to the player. Players under the age of 18 may request an ID Card, but must go through a waiver process. The General Manager and the Adult Leagues Manager must meet with the player and their parent, and the parent must sign a waiver for their child to play. The Warminster SportsPlex has the right to deny any player an ID Card.

Levels of Competition:
The facility will offer the following divisional structure for adult teams, if enough teams are available:

Division 1- Premier division for teams with exceptional skills. College and former Professional football players allowed in this league.

Division 2- Recreational division for the average fan of the game that has not necessarily played organized football.

The facility will offer the following divisional structure for youth teams, if enough teams are available:

Division 1- Premier division for the most advanced players and teams. High School football players must play in this league.

Division 2- For recreational players and beginners that have not necessarily played in organized football.

The Warminster Sportsplex reserves the right to make the necessary changes within league divisions to ensure an equal level of ability and competition.

Players may only be on one roster in a given division and league. Players may participate in more than one division and league. A lower division team may not field more than three players from an upper division. Warminster Sportsplex reserves the right to determine if a player is considered too advanced for a given division and remove the individual from the team roster. This is done in the spirit of maintaining parity in a given division.

Any players with current or former Collegiate or Professional experience must play Division 1. Any Collegiate players that want to play in a lower division must get permission from the league commissioner. No professional player, current or former, can play in a division lower than Division 1. Any professional players, current or former, caught playing in a lower division will be removed from that team's roster and that team will forfeit every game in which that player played.


  • Rubber molded cleats or turf shoes are allowed. No metal cleats allowed.
  • Teams must be dressed in matching colored jerseys with permanent numbers. If a team needs to change jerseys, the Warminster Sportsplex will rent a set of pinnies for $5. No player will be allowed to participate without a jersey or Sportsplex scrimmage vest. The first team listed, the home team, is required to switch jerseys in the event that two teams have the same colors.
  • Each player on the field must wear a belt with two flags. (Available at the Warminster Sportsplex). The flags must be of contrasting color with the pants.
  • Players of opposing teams must wear contrasting colored jerseys with numbers. The pants must be a different color than the flags. Shirts must be tucked in and no article of clothing may cover any portion of a player's flag (Excludes belts).
  • The use of headgear, of any nature, shoulder pads, body pads, or shoes with metal tipped cleats (regardless of material) is prohibited. Additionally, any unyielding or dangerous equipment is prohibited. Players may use an ace bandage. Knee braces will be covered by a soft yielding material not to exceed 3/8" thickness. No loose jewelry of any kind will be worn.
  • Ball will be provided by each team, each team uses their ball for one half.

Game Schedule & Make-Up Games:
If a team is unable to play a scheduled game the opposing team may choose to accept a 6-0 forfeit. If both teams agree to a make-up, they will be offered possible times from the facility management office. It will be the team managers or representatives responsibility to coordinate and select one of the available times. The team requesting to reschedule a match must request a reschedule in writing one week prior to subject game and submit a fee of $80 (to cover lost referee fees). Failure to do so will result in the game being forfeited.

A team forfeiting a game during any one session will be subject to the following fines:

  1. First Forfeit- $40 fine
  2. Second Forfeit- $80 fine
  3. Third Forfeit- Termination of team participation from the session and the loss of any re-registration priority.

Fines for forfeitures must be paid prior to a team continuing the session schedule. A forfeiture will be incurred if a team has failed to field the minimum number of players within ten minutes from the start of the game clock. Teams incurring forfeitures during a session shall not be eligible for registration discount in the following session.

Any team no show will result in a 6-0 victory for opposing team and no rescheduled game will be given.

Individuals are expected to play under control and within the rules of the game, and to the best of their ability will avoid causing injury to themselves and other persons using the facility.

Referees appointed to officiate each game have complete authority on the field of play, and their decisions on points of fact connected with the game are final. Judgment calls cannot be questioned, only enforcement of the rules. Officiating will be monitored and assessed periodically and management will always try to provide quality officiating at the facility. Constructive comments regarding officiating are welcome and encouraged. Please submit any such comments in writing. Complaints regarding officials should be submitted in writing, contain points of fact, and have your name and the name of your team at the top. Do not discuss officiating or the officials with the facility staff during or immediately after your game.

Fighting Policy:

  • The Warminster Sportsplex has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY toward fighting. Anyone fighting will be ejected and they will be terminated from playing the rest of the session. Furthermore, the situation will be reviewed by the league commissioner to determine whether the player will be banned from the facility for more than one session. The Warminster Sportsplex reserves the right to ban permanently any player involved in a fight. It is the responsibility of the player to apply for reinstatement to the facility if he or she is involved in a fight. At this time the player will receive the terms and conditions of the commissioner's disciplinary action. Any player that does not apply for reinstatement will not be allowed back into the facility. Application for reinstatement may be subject to a fine, as determined by the league commissioner.
  • A player or coach sent off in (or after) a game by a referee will automatically be suspended from the next game in the session. In addition, a player will be banned from playing on any other team until the suspension has been served. If a player is ejected in the last game of a session (he/she) will be prohibited from playing in the first game after he/she registers for another session.
  • Any of the following offenses will result in disciplinary action as outlined above:
  • A player or coach using foul and abusive language.
  • Persistent infraction of the rules after receiving a caution by the referee.
  • A player or coach involved in violent conduct; (including, but not limited to: spitting, threatening, continued rough play, etc.) will be suspended as outlined above and, in addition, will be suspended for one additional game and subject to further disciplinary action as decided by the facility management.
  • Assaulting an official will result in automatic suspension from any further activities at the The Warminster Sportsplex. The Police will be notified of any such incident.
  • Should a coach of a team be unable to control a player's actions after he or she has been penalized or thrown out of a game the coach will also be suspended as outlined above.
  • A player that leaves the bench or sideline to break up or participate in a fight will automatically be ejected from the game and will be subject to the same penalties as outlined above.
  • A $100 bond will be required from any team involved in an altercation where more than one player is involved in a fight. Should a bond be placed against a team, the bond must be paid prior to the team's next game, or that game will be forfeited. The terms of the bond will be given in writing to the team. Should the team fail to adhere to the terms, the bond will be forfeited to the arena and the team's participation will be terminated. If the team adheres to the terms of the bond, then the team will receive the $100 bond at the end of the session.
  • It is the responsibility of each player and the player's team representative to be aware of the total status of their player's infractions. Failure to comply may result in further disciplinary measures which may include suspension of the coach/rep. and forfeiture of games in which that player participated.

Intention to file a protest must be noted in writing immediately following the game. A formal written protest, must be submitted to the Warminster Sportsplex within 48 hours after the end of a game. The league commissioner will review and have the final authority on all protests. ALL DECISIONS MADE BY THE COMMISSIONER ARE FINAL. Only violations of the laws of the game, rules or guidelines of the facility as published are matters for protest. Any protests regarding fielding of illegal players must be brought to the attention of the game officials prior to the suspected player(s) leaving the field of play.

The Warminster Sportsplex will award winning teams with various prizes. Each first place team will receive either 12 trophies, 12 champion shirts or a 10% discount off the following session. If trophies are being ordered, they must be ordered within two weeks of the session ending.


Field Size:
The field will be 60x23 yards. The end zones will be 5.8x23 yards.

Boards and Markings - 1st Down Lines:
The referee will mark the line of scrimmage and a first down will be achieved by advancing the ball beyond the permanent center line.

A ball hitting the ceiling during a kickoff must pass the center line in flight or a re-kick will occur. If a passed ball his the ceiling, wall or net, it is considered a dead ball. A player that hits the wall (voluntarily or involuntarily) is considered out of bounds. The referee has the right to call a dead ball if he/she feels the play is too dangerous.

Length of Game:

  • Two 22-minute halves, running clock
  • 2-minute halftime - Team not starting with ball in first half, gets ball to start
  • Each team has 2 time outs per game of 30 seconds each (time out resets play clock)
  • 20 second play clock
  • 15 second P.A.T. play clock
  • Team must have a minimum of four rostered players at the start of the game. Less than four constitutes a forfeit regardless of any game continuing.
  • Clock stops at 2 minute if the score is within 12 points at each incomplete pass, penalties, and change of possession.
  • At 5 minutes left in the game, if the point spread is 24pts or more, no more time-outs from either team will be permitted.

Ball Movement:

  • Team has 4 plays to cross midfield for first down and then 4 plays to score
  • On fourth down offense has 2 options:
    • Go for first down (if in their defensive zone). If offense doesn't make first down whether through incompletion or inadequate yardage, defense takes over where ball carrier is down or original line of scrimmage if incompletion.
    • Offense can opt to punt.
  • If the ball is intercepted, offense is spotted at end of return and offense is started.
  • Ball is dead on contact with net or wall.
  • Play is dead when ball carrier's knees make contact with the ground.
  • Coin toss determines who begins with ball at beginning of game, other team starts second half.

Line of Scrimmage:

  • The offensive team must have a minimum of two players set on the line of scrimmage at the snap. One additional player may be in motion, but they do not count as a player on the line.
  • Defense must have two down linemen who line up inside the outside shoulders of the offensive linemen.


  • 6 points for a Touchdown
  • 2 points for safety
  • 2 points for conversion after touchdown, ball is spotted on 10 yard line.
  • 1 point for conversion after touchdown, ball is spotted on 5 yard line.


  • Player is tackled when one flag is pulled. Exception: In order to achieve a first down or touchdown, the ball carrier's flags and the ball must cross the plane of the first down line or the goal line.
  • After pulling a flag, defender must raise the flag above his head.
  • Defender must hand flag back to ball carrier.
  • If flag falls out before player has possession of ball they will be down with one hand touch
  • If flag falls out after player has possession of ball they are down at spot of flag, unless in the opinion of the referee the player is in the clear of all players.
  • Receivers may hand check off the line within the first five yards, but only with the player they line up against.
  • Interceptions may be returned
  • A defensive player shall not hold, grasp or obstruct the forward progress of the runner when attempting to remove the flag. Defender will avoid contact of the player when attempting to pull flag. Defenders should be reaching from the side or behind the ball carrier to grab the flag. Charging at or jumping in front of the ball carrier is prohibited. Intentionally grabbing the ball carrier's clothing will result in a penalty added onto the end of the play.
  • Any player pursuing a running or throwing quarterback may only pull flags. No contact, incidental or otherwise is allowed. Defense may only leave their feet to block a pass, but if they make contact with the quarterback before, during or after the ball is released, (whether ball is tipped or not) it will result in a major penalty.


  • Offsides- 5 yards or half the distance replay down
  • Offensive pass interference- 10 yards from original spot or half the distance replay down
  • Defensive Pass interference - Ball moves to spot of foul automatic first down
  • Delay of game - 5 yards or half the distance
  • Unnecessary roughness –
    • Defense: 15 yards automatic first down
    • Offense: 15 yards loss of down
  • Offset penalties - replay down
  • Flag guarding–
    • Offense: 5 yards from spot of the foul and the play will be whistled dead.
    • Defense after interception: 5 yards from spot of foul begin offense
  • Acts of tackling, cheap shots, elbowing or an unsportsmanlike act will not be tolerated. Player may be ejected from the game and may result in unsportsmanlike penalty.
  • Obstruction of a player's forward progress is a 10 yd. penalty from the spot of the foul. Automatic first down.
  • Any player instigating or encouraging a fight, taunting or throwing a punch will be immediately removed from the game.
  • Trash talking is illegal and may result in unsportsmanlike penalty. Any one verbally abusing a player, spectator, referee or employee of the Warminster Sportsplex will be immediately removed from the game.
  • Personal fouls/unsportsmanlike penalties will result in an automatic first down and 15 yards from the end of the play. Player assessed the foul will be removed from the game for the remainder of the half, or longer.


Please read the SMG Waiver of Liability.

Please contact SMG SportsPlex at or 267-282-4088.