Our indoor play will resume in the fall of 2017!

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About Pickleball

What Is Pickle-ball? 

A Lively Racket Game for all Ages and Abilities Pickle-ball® was created with one thing in mind: fun. It was designed to be easy to learn and play whether you’re five, eighty-five or somewhere in between.

Court and Gear

Pickleball is traditionally played on a badminton-sized court with special Pickleball paddles, made of wood or high-tech aerospace materials. The ball used is similar to a wiffle ball, but slightly smaller. The lower net and wiffle ball allow the game to be accessible to people of all ages and abilities, while still allowing more competitive players to test their mettle.

Rules of the Game In addition to the modified net and gear, there are several key rules in Pickleball that help make the game more accessible. In tennis, and many net sports, games are often won and lost by the power of the serve. In Pickleball, the ball must bounce once on each side before volleys are allowed. This opens the game to more players and extends play for added fun. See a complete breakdown of rules.

When & Fees

Starting October 25th, 2016

Tuesdays, 9:30am-12pm

Thursdays, 9:30am-12pm

Fridays, 9:30am-12pm


All players must purchase a SMG SportsPlex player card by clicking here and then completeing the waiver by clicking here.  The player card is $7/annually.

There is a $5/day player fee.

Player Card Registration

All players must purchase a SMG SportsPlex player card by clicking here. After completing the regisration for the Player Card be sure to follow the link to the waiver.  Once you are logged into SportsLifeX you're registration is complete.

Stop by the facility prior to October 25th to get your picture and Player Card. The player card is $7/annually.



All participants are required to sign the new online waiver.
Facility Participation Waiver

In case of an emergency, please call 267-282-4127. Please do not call this line with anything that is not urgent.